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Walls 4:08, BPM: 68, Mid-tempo ballad
Written by: Elle B. Willson
ASCAP (Willson Originals)

I’ll take good care of your heart
And help you find a way
To love away your wall
I won’t lead you astray

I’ll respect you and make love to you
As if your heart were mine
Give you the tenderness you deserve
I’m the one you’d thought you’d never find

Don’t blame you for being confused
Your heart was broken and now it’s numb
Just allow me in
And the pain will soon be gone

Let me tend to the flowers now wilted
And closed form lack of light
I will feed and nurture your garden
Even through the night

When you feel fear
Think of me – I’ll give you courage
When you feel pain
Just feel me – Cry out all darkness with the rain
Wall comes tumbling, Wall comes tumbling
Tumbling down with love

When the morning comes, I’ll hold you
A kiss to begin the day
We’ll laugh about the irony
Walls put in our way

Walls aren’t very fragile
Only with kindness will they fall
Been protecting for so long now
Let’s love away the wall

But brick by brick and stone by stone
The wall will go away
Making room for pleasure
And the beauty of the day


Something beautiful has begun right here
It comes from me, It comes from you
Together there’s an opportunity - Let love Shine Through
Cuz the love’s right here within your heart
So take a brick away
Allow a little light in- Let’s love that wall away

With love
With love…